Rooster's Nest & Samson's Haircare Present: Curse of The Unruly Beard Gift Set

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Inspired by nostalgic 1980’s horror films and one truly terrifying urban legend, master beard tamers at The Rooster’s Nest Barbershop of Lexington, KY and Samson’s Haircare of Kalamazoo, MI have joined forces this spooky season to ward off the most unruly of beards! Brace your wiry whiskers for an ultimate thrill that only this creep collaboration can cure.


Packaged in the style of an 80’s VHS movie box set you discover:

  • 1 green glass skull shaped bottle filled with 2 oz of our Rooster’s Revenge premium fall beard oil. It’s guaranteed to tame your inner beast and beard while curing dryness and adding shine as bright as a harvest moon. Scent notes of dark amber and autumn campfires.

  • 1 glass jar filled with 1 oz of Samson’s limited edt. fall beard balm, pictured with a holographic image of the creepy Bench-Leg creature said to roam the hills of Eastern Kentucky. We promise it’ll cure any unkempt man or creature as it nourishes and softens your course whiskers while lending a light hold. Scent notes of patchouli and straight bourbon on a chilly night.