So you want to be an educational model?

 Alright- here is how it works.  

We have an extensive training program in the Shop. Chad is fine tuning his skills. We just need you to come in like a regular client and get a cut or beard shaping. 

Our master barbers will be checking his work and giving him a few pointers on the fine details.

The service is completely free.  (All tips are appreciated.) 

 Just a few things:

  • If you currently have an appointment in the shop. You are ineligible to be a model. We can’t pull you off someone’s book for this event.

  • These services take a bit longer than regular appointments, so be prepared.

  • All services will be graded by one of our master barbers.

  • All services are complementary and you are a model. We appreciate the help but be nice.

  • No kids. 16 and up for this event. We are trying to concentrate on specific cuts and don’t want to wrassle your youngin’.

If this is something you would like to participate in, please TEXT us at 859-710-6378 with :

  • Your name

  • What service you are wanting

  • What time you are available Tuesdays-Friday.

We will get you scheduled and go from there. 

Thanks for your time.

We do what we do because of people like you. 

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease