Rooster's Nest Bourbon Bay Rum

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Finding the right tool for the job comes with experience.  As our barber shop grew, we started looking for very specific products.  We were doing hundreds of steam shaves a year and we wanted to use high quality products that reflected our shops style. That lead us to creating our second handmade product, a traditional Bay Rum aftershave.

We use a 1922 barber formula and this mix is about as strong as it can get.  We throw in some Kentucky bourbon for fragrance. Each batch is different. We are currently bottling from batch number two.  Every batch uses a different bourbon distilled right here in the Bluegrass State, and then aged for three months in a real life Kentucky bourbon barrel.  We won't mention what particular bourbon is in each batch, because they don't need the exposure, and we would probably get a cease and desist from them if we did.  Trust us.  It's good stuff. 

Created from necessity, our Bourbon Bay Rum is used in our shop after every one of our legendary 13 step, hot lather, steam shaves.