Tried & True, Handmade, and Heartfelt.

Five years ago we decided to make our own beard oil. It started literally in our owner’s kitchen. Through many mistakes and trials, we finally perfected our “Bourbon Beard Oil”. It was our first product and is still consistently one of our biggest sellers. Like all of our beard oils it’s handmade, bottled, and labeled right here in Kentucky. From there, we moved on to making our “Bay Rum Aftershave”. That endeavor involved a sketchy shipment from Jamaica (No joke) and many “experiments” with old barber recipes and Kentucky Bourbon. What’s life without the adventure, and what’s an aftershave without questionable ingredients? Exactly.

In 2021 we launched our first hair product with a pomade aptly named “Two On The Sides”. From there the ball started rolling with hair products. We now have three hair stylers, including a lighter hold pomade called “Comb Creem”, and our own tonic called “The Sauce”.

Ever year we release our limited run beard oils that consistently sell out. Our summer scent “Kentucky Mule” is a big mover and, of course, our Holiday scent “Santa’s Hooch” is generally sold out the week we make it.

Like everything else we do, we focus on the details. We shape beards and have our hands in folks’ hair all day long. You can trust us with what you put in it. As far as the “Bourbon Bay Rum” aftershave goes, the authorities have still not been involved.